Saó restaurant

Our essence and our heart have always been in the Empordà. That is no secret, but until now, even being very close to it, geographically we were not there. Madremaña, which has been our house until now, is from Gironès. 😉

This 2021 our hearts and homes will finally be in the same place. We have found a space in Fonteta where the heart, the essence and the territory come together and create the “saó” (seasoning). Such a beautiful and meaningful Catalan word. Therefore, the first presentation of our project is this word that defines us so much. Today makes more sense than ever!

First it was Saó Catering. Our dear engaged couples are the ones who have suffered the most this 2020 so rare for everyone. And now it’s the restaurant’s turn. Saó restaurant arrives at a strange moment and, we could even say, premature, but not for that reason with less force. On January 10th our new adventure begins and, if all goes well, we hope that when spring arrives you will be able to enjoy Saó restaurant. Stay tuned, we will keep you informed! You can contact us through