Our history

Vicenç and Mònica are a small family who decided to take the reins of restaurant La Plaça after their professional education and after working in various other well known restaurants. The experience and our clients made for the start of Catering La Plaça, which today culminates into full maturity when evolving into SAO Catering

The most fun part of this big family is the Bini Van, Viçenç’ food truck, which brings his most daring kitchen to you, wherever you happen to be.

At the very heart of all of this, is Vicenç Fajardo, a chef with an open mind which can often be recognized in his dishes; for him cooking knows no limits. He started way back when he was real you and lived in Australia. When he came back to his home ground, he brought a lively passion for cooking with him.

We do the work that we most enjoy and the best of it is that our crew has grown with us and that each and every one of them forms a part of our family. The best family in the world.